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Have you ever felt the need to find out more about someone? As an employer, you may want to do a background check on your potential employee. Likewise, if you are thinking of hiring a nanny to take care of your kids at home, you may wish to know if your nanny has a criminal record. At times, you may want to find out your old friend's current address or to trace your family tree.

If it were the past, whether it is to locate someone or doing a background check, one has to hire the services of a professional investigator. The bill can be a few hundred to a few thousand dollars!

Fortunately, nowadays, there are public records search databases/engines that offer such search services for a nominal fee. If you have a computer and internet connection, you can easily search for any public record you need. You can find out the birth, death, marital, criminal, court, civil, bankruptcy and felony records instantly.

On top of getting public records, you will be able to locate someone easily. The person's address, phone number and current location will be made available to you. This is also why many people call the public records search engines as "people finder websites or people finder search engines" as well.

At the moment, there are at least a dozen of such search engines. However, not all are the same in terms of the number of records as well as the frequency they are updated.

As this is an important resource, we tried the different search engines to find out 3 of the best public records search databases that most people including investigators and genealogists are using to find public records and to locate people.

Government Records continues to be the the most popular and reliable public records search engine/database. It has been serving millions of customers.

They have the largest database of public records, more than 200 million public records in every US state. The database is regularly updated with new records which makes your search fast, complete and accurate.

One main reason why they are successful is the huge network that users can tap on. As of today, you can access the resources of 20,000 public offices, agencies and paid record providers. This ensures that you will always find what you need. Want a background check or to find a friend's address? Let Government Records take care of that.

It is one of the easiest to use search dataabases and the support is very responsive. This explains why many government and private investigators are using the same service.

Database Size
Frequency Of Updates



Public Records Pro is another leading public records search database that has a huge client base. It recently changed its name to Archives.com but existing customers continue to use its previous service name.

This service aims to help you quickly find people and trace the records of others. You can easily locate anyone's public record. But take note that it specializes more in genealogy.

For those who are interested in genealogy and family trees, this service also allows one to gain access to cemetery listings, obituaries, burial and military records, surname histories.

Since the database is frequently updated, you can be sure that the information is accurate. Do not take this for granted as some other public record databases we came across are hardly updated at all.

The customer support responds promptly to queries. Using Public Records Pro, you can run unlimited searches.

Database Size
Frequency Of Updates


Government Registry is also another popular public records search database that is frequently used by both government and private investigators as well as individuals.

It is fully equipped with millions of records. Whether you want to run a background check on someone, or search for a person via his or her name or find a friend, you can do so here easily.

If you are looking for public records, you will find arrest records, court records, criminal records, bankruptcy records, birth records, marriage and divorce records and even property records.

You can access records of all the states in US. With a huge database that is constantly updated, it is a cut above the rest. However, we find the support a little slow to respond.

It is a worthy public records search database that deserves a try.

Database Size
Frequency Of Updates

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